"The Summit" 103.9fm-WUMT Charger Action
Sun. September 5, 2010

(Photos by Aleesha Bowen)

Josh Fuller - Little Genesee, NY - 1st place points

Devin Holly - Rixford, PA - 2nd place points

Dalton Gustafson - Weedville, PA - 3rd place points

Braiden Burkett - Duke Center, PA - 4th place points

Ryan Burke - Olean, NY - 5th place points

Garrett McKinney - Kane, PA - 6th place points

Phil Whitesell - St Marys, PA - 7th place points

Devin Lewis - Weedville, PA - 8th place points

Matt Bryant - Weedville, PA - 9th place points

Jen Reed - Salamanca, NY - 10th place points

Devin Holly - Rixford, PA - Favorite Driver of the Year

Devin Holly - Rixford, PA - Hardcharger of the Year

Ryan Burke - Olean, NY - Best Appearing Car at end of Season

Ryan Burke - Olean, NY - Most Improved Driver Overall