Bike Race

Ryan Hepler
age 6
ages 5-6 Winner

Tyler Bullers
age 8
ages 7-8 winner

Shenna Schleicher
age 9
ages 9-10 winner

Michele Bundy
age 12

ages 11-12 winner


(KANE, PA) This weeks race was in memory of Dave "Mad-Dog" Covert who passed away this past Feb. and was a dedicated racer here at AMR. In the 20 lap Zook Motor Inc. Pure Stock race, St Marys boys Derrick Schloder and Mike Stefano would challenge each other for the lead spot. Schloder would lead to lap fourteen when he would have to exit the track because of mechanical reasons leaving Stefano taking over the lead position. Stefano would hold off the challenges of Matk Schweikart (Emporium, PA) and win the race. Schweikart would be second, Josh Keith (Kane, PA) third, Ben Asel (Kane, PA) fourth and Dennis Olson (Kane, PA) coming across the line fifth. Heat wins went to Schweikart and Keith.
In the 20 lap Dyne Excavating LLC Mini Stock feature Henry Himes (Brockway, PA) would take the lead early and lead till lap 15 when Bill McKinney (Bradford, PA) would take over the lead and lead to the finish. Brad Ullman (Allegany, NY) second, Himes third, Steve Dodge fourth and Cody Colwell (Knox, PA) fifth. Heat wins went to McKinney and Ullman.
In the 20 lap Hometown Country 103.9fm-WLMI Street Stock feature Joe Layfield (Bolivar, NY) would lead for the first fourteen laps when Lance Palmer (Eldred, PA) would get by him and lead to the end to get his first ever feature win at AMR. Mike Asel (Kane, PA), Layfield, Dennis Asel (Kane, PA), and John Williams (Ischua, NY) rounding out the top five. Heat winners were Mike Asel and Lance Palmer.
Hometown Country 103.9fm-WLMI 4cyl. Chargers were the last out on the track for thier 15 lap feature. Dustin Bowen (Kane, PA) and Sean Carlson (James City, PA) would battle for the lead with Carlson taking over the lead on lap four on a restart. Carlson would lead to the finish for his fourth win this season. Bowen would get second, Del Cleer (Kane, PA) third, Brian Fabiano (Ridgway, PA) fourth and Zach Gustafson (Weedville, PA) fifth. Heat wins went to Carlson and Gustafson.
Next week at AMR 7-8-07 will be mid-season championship races for mini, street, pure and charger All classes will be double points. gates open at 3 racing at 5. AMR would like to thank everyone who donated to St Judes race for a cure.