On the track first was the Kinzua Water Services LLC Mini Stocks, pole sitter Davey Lowe (Eldred, PA) held of the challenges of Brent Harris (Bradford, PA) early in the race but wasn't able to hold on to the lead Harris would get by to take the win followed by Brad Ullman (Allegany, NY), Brian Kunselman (Cyclone, PA), Lowe and Chris Paar (Mt Jewett, PA), Rick Bump (Hinsdale, NY), Mike Miller (Kane, PA), Kyle Eaton (Smethport, PA), Dan Ott (Kane, PA), Dave Lowe (Eldred, PA) and Eric Blauser (Rew, PA). Heat winners were Davey Lowe and Dave Lowe.

Next the Hometown Country 103.9fm WLMI Chargers ran, CJ Irons would take the lead early and hold off the challenges of Josh Fuller (Little Genesee, NY) to pick up his first win at AMR only to be DQ'd at tech awarding the win to Fuller followed by Dalton Gustafson (Weedville, PA), Braiden Burkett (Duke Center, PA), Devin Holly (Rixford, PA), Phil Whitesell (St Marys, PA) and Garrett McKinney (Kane, PA). Heat winners Burkett and Gustafson.

The Dyne Excavating LLC Pure stocks saw pole sitter Blane Krott (Bradford PA) lead the race from start to finish followed by Tim Burkett (Gifford, PA), Denny Thomas (Olean, NY), Josh Keith (Kane, PA), Dustin Bowen (Kane, PA) and Andy Morris (Kane, PA). Heat winners were Krott and Burkett.

Then the Mountain 106.3fm-WXMT Street Stocks took to the track, Jason "Bo Dobbie" Dobson (Ceres, NY) held off the challenges of Jeff Hellwig (Olean, NY) for the win followed by Hellwig, Steve Mowery (Olean, NY), Joe Skinner (West Clarksville, NY), Joe Layfield (Allentown, NY), Art Peterson (Ceres, NY) and John Miller (Portville, NY). Heat winners were Skinner and Dobson.

The 100 lap Enduro winner was William Bigley (), and the Demo was won by Josh White ().