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2013 4-Cyl. & 6 Cyl. ENDURO RULES

All entries are required to have large numbers on both sides of the car and the roof. Bright paint is recommended.


* Any American or Foreign street car or station wagon, mini van, V6 or 4 cyl only. Front wheel and rear wheel drive, NO working 4 wheel drives- NO FULL SIZE CARS ALLOWED.

* Doors must be welded or chained shut.

* No Trucks permitted.

* D.O.T. tires only (No Chains)

* No Racing Parts.

* Working seatbelts and approved helmets mandatory.

* All glass must be removed including turn signals, headlights and marker lights.

* No outside bars or bars through the firewall.

* No reinforced front ends or rear ends.

* Rolls bars optional.

* Trunk must be empty. No add on weight of any kind.

* Remove all burnables.

* You must provide a scorer with a Pit Pass. Scorer should come with a pen (blue or black only) and a dark colored clipboard. Please select your scorer carefully. The accuracy of his or her scoresheet will determine your final finishing position.

Additional information can be obtained by calling the speedway at 814-598-9077.