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Wanna join the fun on the track at Allegheny Mtn. Raceway???

Low costs to build and run each week. Get you and your buddies to build one and bring it down.

MOVE UP RULE - If the track promoter feels that a driver does not belong in the Charger class based on level of experience or car, the promoter reserves the right to ask for a move up vote by the driver's competitors. This can be done starting with the 4th week of the racing season. The track promoter is the only person with the authority to call for such a vote. The vote will be by secret ballot and only other charger drivers competing during the days events will be eligible to vote. Any driver may choose not to participate in the voting. If less than 1/2 of the eligible drivers wish to vote, the track promoter may assume that the move-up vote is not warranted and the vote may be called off. If over 1/2 drivers elect to participate in the vote, balloting will take place during intermission and the decision will be announced immediately. A majority of all votes cast is required to force a driver to move up and it will take effect the following week.

1. 2000 or older Compact and Sub-Compact cars. Front or rear wheel drive only. No four wheel drive or AWD vehicles. No convertibles.

2. 2.5 Litre Max. Engine

3. Engine must be stock for car or truck model and year.

4. Max. 2 valves per cylinder.

5. No turbos or other high performance cars.

6. Body must be stock. Inner fenders must remain.

7. Stock spoilers allowed. No aftermarket spoilers or ground effects.

8. No holes in hood.

9. Stock bumpers no reinforcement! May replace stock rear bumper with a max. 1 ½" round metal tubing, rounded on the ends and into the body, no wider than the body.

10. Stock fuel tank with skid plate front to rear (we will decide if its ok)
Tank may be moved to trunk. Must be completely separate from drivers compartment. Racing fuel cell with metal cover also permitted.

11. All burnables must be removed. All glass removed. All chrome removed. No antennas.

12. Screen (min 1/2'") required for windshield.

13. Minimum 4 post cage, 3 bars or steel plate on L/side, 2 on R/side.
Front hoop allowed. Do not over reinforce. It's to protect the radiator, not to be able to use your
front end as a battering ram.

14. Skid rails allowed 1 1/2 " max dia. tucked in on ends

15. Stock bucket seat OK. Headrest to be attached to roll bar Racing seat allowed.

16. 5 point harness required.

17. Drivers window net required.

18. Fire ext. required.

19. No holes in floor. All holes must be patched with metal.

20. Battery in stock location.

21. Rear end may be locked on rear wheel drive vehicles.

22. Rims Max. 6 inch wide, max 14" diameter stock (OEM) wheels, or heavy duty stock offset steel rims or stock aluminum.

23. Street legal tires. Street legal recaps allowed. No racing or winter tires. All four tires must be the same size.

24. EMPHASIS ON STOCK!!! All parts must remain stock. No aftermarket, racing, or high performance parts. With the exception of safety items and otherwise allowed items, If it didn't come on the car from the factory or isn't a like-kind replacement, then it isn't allowed in this class. Don't over-build, over-engineer, or over-spend. That is not the intent of this class. Please refer to our Mini Stock class if you have a little more of a racing budget. Right now there isn't a claimer in this class. Don't bring the vehicle that makes us decide to implement one.