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APPEARANCE - Cars and wheels are to be painted and maintained in a light bright color in a professional manner. Any body damage to a car is expected to be repaired before the car is returned to the track the following week. Drivers should remember that they are representing their sponsors at all times and the appearance of their vehicles is a direct reflection on those sponsors. The track reserves the right to deny entry to any car that has not had previous body damage adequately repaired. Drivers should take pride in their racecars.

NUMBER - Cars must be numbered 0 - 99. No fractions or letters unless otherwise pre-approved. Drivers in the same class as the previous season (3 race minimum) have rights to a number until May 31 of the following year. Otherwise numbers will be assigned on a first come-first served basis. If a driver competes at other tracks, he/she will be allowed to use their current car number but the driver may be required to add a letter to aid scorers and lineup personnel. Three digit numbers will only allowed for those who can demonstrate a history of running that number. New drivers are strongly encouraged to contact the track for available numbers in their division prior to lettering a car. Duplicate numbers are strongly discouraged. It is very difficult for the scorers to properly score features where several cars have the same number (or similar numbers). Remember this when considering a number for your racecar.

Numbers must be a minimum 16" high located on center of both doors and roof facing to the right. Roof number should be a minimum of 20". The color of the numbers should contrast well with the color of the car. The style of the numbers should also be easy to read. If a driver expects to be scored accurately, the driver should make sure the car number can be easily seen from the grandstand area. Scorers maintain the right to request changes to the appearance of the numbers on a car to aid in scoring. No spray painted numbers. Also, 6" numbers are required on front and rear of car. For lineup purposes, the number of the car must be put on driversí side of windshield in 4" square.

LETTERING - All lettering and numbering is to be neatly arranged, and appear to be professionally painted and printed, with driverís name on the right side on roof in 6-inch letters. Driverís name must be legible. No spray painted lettering. No rude or profane messages will be permitted. These must be covered or removed prior to entry onto the track.

RULES- Rule infractions may cause a loss of position or a disqualification depending on the rule infraction.
FEATURE LINE-UP- If you won the previous time you were at the track, you will start no better than at the end of the inversion if
you qualify.