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KNOWLEDGE OF RULES - Members are responsible to know policies, rules and regulations set forth herein and those that become effective during the season. A driver assumes full responsibility for the conduct of their pit crew and their adherence to the rules and guidelines of the track. The driver is shall be the sole spokesman for the car and team and shall bear any penalty resulting from his or her pit crew’s actions.

AMENDMENTS TO RULES - AMR reserves the right to amend, alter, or remove any rules, policies, or procedures as published. This may be done if the track deems it necessary for the betterment of the program, further clarification of existing rules, or improvements to safety. These changes will be posted on the Competitor Updates board at the track and become effective upon posting or date specified on the posting. Any subsequent printings or electric postings (i.e. track website) of the rulebook will reflect such changes. Drivers will be notified of any postings prior to start of day’s events. Copies of any postings will also available upon request.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK - Members assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained, property damage and death at any time while on the race premises or en route to or from. No member will have any claim for expenses or damage against AMR or its promoters or officials regardless of negligence. No insurance is extended on vehicles in the pits or infield.

ACCIDENT POLICY - All injury reports are to be filed on the date of the incident with the Pit Steward and Emergency Squad. Failure to report an injury may result in denial of claim by the insurance company. All injuries subject to examination by designated physician.

PROGRAM - The program consists of qualifying and feature events. The raceway will determine the number and nature of events, which constitute a complete program. Preliminary events for a division may be deleted for extended programs. Track management reserves the right, without recourse, to alter the pre-announced length or nature of any event if weather, track conditions, driver or fan safety concerns or other factors warrant such a change.

PARTICIPATION - Competing cars are subject to inspection by raceway officials at any time. Such inspection does not deem a car safe and free from defects. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules. Car, part and/or equipment will not be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through inspection at any time or number of times unobserved or undetected.

TRACK CONDITIONS - Any driver or pit crewmember may inspect the racecourse for defects, obstructions or other conditions, which may effect competition. If a driver feels that conditions are unsafe, the driver shall report such knowledge to the pit steward or track promoter. If a driver feels that the conditions are still unacceptable before they compete, they have the option of not competing. By choosing to participate, a driver deems the racecourse acceptable for competition. The driver further acknowledges that auto racing inherently involves risk and by competing they are assuming these risks with full knowledge and awareness of these risks.

CONDUCT - All members are subject to proper conduct. Acts detrimental to the sport of auto racing such as abuse of Officials and vulgarity are prohibited. Entering the pit area of another after an incident is considered instigating and will be dealt with accordingly. Allegheny Mountain Raceway will not tolerate any obscene gustures, vulgar language or fighting anywhere on AMR's grounds. Anyone caught doing this will be asked to leave, failure to leave could result in criminal proceedings (no money will be refunded). Anyone caught in the pit area without a valid pit band for the days activities will be considered trespassing and will be asked to leave. If this happens to be a driver, he/she will be docked points. You must sign a waiver and receive a pit band from the main pit entrance. Thank You!!

DRUG & ALCOHOL POLICY- Mandatory revocation of rights will take place for any member using illegal drugs at any time or intoxicating beverages before entering race premises or while in attendance until last event of the day’s program is complete, not just events for one’s own class. All members consent to drug or alcohol testing at discretion of AMR. Any driver, owner or pit crewmember violating this rule will result in disqualification of the car and loss of purse and points for the entire program for their car.
NO DRIVER or CREW MEMBER shall consume alcohol in the grandstand area then return to the pits, if caught doing this you will be asked to leave NO PAY or REFUND and NO POINTS!!!!

STOCK - When used in this Rule Book, the term "unaltered" and "stock" excludes all after-market products.

DECISIONS - All of the decisions concerning scorekeeping, suspensions, disqualifications, penalties, fines and interpretation of rules by AMR are final.

INSPECTION - Any car is subject to full inspection by a Track Official at any time while at the raceway. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. Post-race disqualification does not require inspection of additional cars. All cars must be available for inspection immediately following an event. Failure to immediately report to the designated inspection area if so instructed by track officials will result in disqualification. Compliance with rules will be determined by the procedures, equipment and tools adopted and utilized by the raceway. Official weight is per track provided scales. Competitors are urged to check compliance against such standards before entering into competition. Contact a technical inspector or the pit steward prior to the pre-race hot lap session if you wish to have your racecar checked against any track equipment.

DISPOSAL - Absolutely no oil, tires or other car parts are to be dumped on AMR grounds. All disposals of oil and tires are the responsibility of driver. Violators will be penalized.

PIT SPEEDS - All drivers must maintain a slow and cautious speed while driving in the pits.  If you leave the track during a race, you must slow down upon exiting the track and entering the pit area.  If a driver speeds in the pits, the driver will not be allowed to return to that event and will be scored accordingly.  The safety of other drivers and crewmembers in the pits is more important than an individual driver's finish in a race and speeding will not be tolerated.

Any points or handicaps earned are not transferable between classes. Drivers may compete in the new Charger class and any other single class on the same raceday but they must use two different vehicles. Drivers will be required to pay an additional pit admission in order to compete in the second division.