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TOW HOOKS - Each car has the responsibility to provide access permitting tow truck hookup. Pickup hookups are mandatory front and rear and must be easily visible and accessible by the tow truck personnel without removal of any body panels or other parts of the car.† Hooks should be securely mounted to sturdy part of the car.† Tow truck personnel are not responsible for damage caused by improperly or poorly installed tow hooks.

DOOR, HOODS, TRUNKS - Must be bolted, welded, steel riveted or stamped shut with approved metal fasteners for quick release.

WINDOWS - All glass must be removed. Approved quick release window nets mandatory on left side for all divisions. Driverís window net must be engaged before entry onto the track and at all times during competition. Driver may be asked to leave the track if the window net does not remain engaged.

FIREWALLS - Driverís compartment is to be completely closed from the engine and gas tank compartment by firewall made of minimum 20-gauge steel welded or steel riveted in place.

OIL & TRANSMISSION COOLERS -No oil or transmission coolers in driver's compartment or rear window.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - All cars must carry an approved and fully charged dry chemical fire extinguisher with pressure gauge or approved measuring device, mounted below bottom of window secured to car and accessible to the driver.

SEAT - Racing style seat is to be of one-piece bucket-type construction aluminum or plastic only. The track recommends seat be safely attached to rectangular tubing, securely attached to frame and roll cage and be completely to the left of centerline. All seat cushions must be securely fastened. Aluminum seat is highly recommended.

SEAT BELT AND SHOULDER HARNESS - Competition type 5 point 3" belt and shoulder harness with vertical support belts and crotch strap are compulsory and must be fastened to the frame and cage in a safe and secure manner.

MIRRORS AND RADIOS - All mirrors and radios are strictly prohibited for regular events. Any other communication devices are also strictly prohibited.

DRIVESHAFT - All drive shafts must be painted white and drive shaft hoops are required. Loops must be constructed of at least the equivalent of ľ" by 2 inch steel and must be mounted in such a manner as to contain the drive shaft in case of breakage in the front and rear.

WEIGHT - Added weight must be painted white with the car number clearly marked and must be securely bolted in place. No loose objects. No weight inside the driverís compartment. All weight locations and mounting must be acceptable to track officials or must be removed. Dislodged weight cannot be returned to the car for weighing after the race. The minimum weight rules of each division require a minimum weight with driver at completion of the race. Nothing can be added after the race to reach the minimum weight including any part of the car that may have come off during competition. It is your responsibility to make sure all parts on car are secured; this is particularly true with added weight. All wheel weights must be securely glued.

HELMET - Racing style helmets are required and must be warn at all times when the car is on the track and must accompany the vehicle and driver at the time of inspection. The helmet must have a face shield or eyewear protection, which must be in place while the car, is on the track. Full-face helmet is strongly recommended. It is strongly recommended that helmets should be SFI approved and no more than 3 years old.† Motorcycle or four wheeler helmets are not recommended.

WEARING APPAREL - All members must wear proper apparel. Fire retardant uniforms, gloves, goggles and approved helmets are mandatory for drivers. Nomex underwear and shoes are strongly recommended for use by all drivers. If driving suit is two pieces, both pieces must be worn at the same time. Proper wearing apparel is also strong recommended for others in the pits. Driver is required to wear all safety apparel whenever they are in their car and on the track including practice laps.† It is strongly recommended that all driving apparel be SFI approved and no more that 3 years old.

EXHAUSTS - Exhaust systems must be mounted in such a way as to direct spent gases away from the cockpit area of the vehicle and away from areas of possible fuel spillage.

BATTERIES - Batteries must be securely mounted and shielded. No batteries in drivers compartment.

ROLL BAR PADDING- Racing type padding should be placed in any location that any body part could come in contact with a roll bar.† (Any bar that your fingers can touch while buckled in the car is a good way to decide were the roll bar padding should be.)

FUEL PUMP AND LINES - No pumps in drivers compartment. Fuel lines must run outside driverís compartment unless braided or in steel conduit from firewall to firewall. Electric fuel pumps only allowed in Mini Stocks and Pure Stocks that came with with fuel injection.