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Any 4 cylinder sedan, subcompact, compact two door car or truck. No hood scoops, (No holes in hood). No 4 wheel / AWD vehicles permitted

BODY: Stock type rear spoilers allowed (must be for car it is installed on). Body must remain stock. May fabricate frame front and rear, using 2 X 3 tubing from strut tower in front forward and centerline of rear axle to the rear. Must have stock floor pan and original trunk floor No tubed interiors Trunk area maybe opened for fuel cell installation No firebirds or camaro’s

GLASS: All glass must be removed and screen placed in windshield area with 2 support rods. No holes in firewall or floorboard. Engine/fuel area must be sealed off from driver

ROLL BARS: Must have front hoop and leg hoop to protect driver. Must have complete 4 point roll cage, installed in a professional manner. 1 ½” .095 wall steel tubing, with three door bars on drivers side and two door bars on passenger side.

BUMPERS: Bumpers will be stock type facia. All exterior bracing/bumper must have a max. 1 ¾” od. All exterior tubing must be round and radiuses back into and attached to frame or cage. Front and rear tow hooks are mandatory

FLOOR/FRAME: Must use steel, to tie front frame, to rear of car and roll cage. MANDATORY at all tracks

SEATS: Must use aluminum or solid fiberglass racing seat. Seat must be fastened to roll cage NOT TIN. Must have 5 point racing seat belt harness. Seat belts NOT to exceed more than 5 years old and must be securely bolted (not chained).

FUEL CELL: Racing fuel cell is mandatory. Max. 12 gallon cell must be mounted in a safe manner. Must have protection loop behind fuel cell and must be protected front, rear and bottom with minimum 18 gauge steel and be a minimum of 12” from the ground. If fuel injection; you must have both fuel and electric shut offs

WHEELS: Max 6” Racing wheels allowed Recaps only. 185,195, 205 – 70 – 14 cars that came with 13” tires, may use 13” DOT instead of 14”. All 14” tires MUST be Cambridge recaps or may run DOT tire. NO snows or lugers.

SUSPENSION: Must have stock suspension. NO racing shocks or springs. Must match side to side. NO limiting devices such as cables or chains etc.

ENGINE: Engine must remain stock as manufactured
a) No headers or racing parts allowed
b) No decking of block
c) Flat top or dished pistons only
d) 165 pound compression limit to be measured with track gauge. NO rotary engines
e) Max. 30 over bore allowed
f) Pistons may not come above block deck (except Toyota laser block)
g) Stock stroke crank
h) No light weight pistons or rods and no forged pistons
i) No high performance ignition or ignition boxes allowed. OEM only
j) Sand blasting, bead blasting, acid dipping, porting, polishing and welding are prohibited. Heads
will be pulled to check bore, stroke and machining
k) Ford heads must measure 3.750 measured from side surface of valve cover rail to black mating
surface. We will come up with other make of engine specs on head shaving allowances.
Minimum amounts for clean up will be allowed. Tech decision will be final
l) Only composite OEM head gaskets allowed. No thin metal or copper shim type allowed
m) No rollers, unless stock OEM. Only stock, OEM cam followers
n) Carb/injector must be OEM. or Holley top loader 2 bbl. allowed with no modifications
(No Holley4412’s). Stock carb plate or spacer for engine used, no modifications. No air induction plastic carbon sets or other devices to direct air intake. No air diffusers allowed
o) Exhaust manifolds must be cast iron or stock production
p) Intake must be OEM no modifications

DRIVETRAIN: Flywheel must remain stock. No lightening. Clutch and pressure plate must be OEM Must have 1” hole in bell housing in line with clutch. Transmission must have ALL working gears No light weight driveshaft

WEIGHT: Minimum weight is 2400 lbs. Cars with 3 or 4 valve per cylinder must add 100 lbs. Weight in trunk area bolted with (2) ½ inch bolts. All added weight must be in trunk area bolted securely.

EXHAUST: Exhaust must exit behind driver Mufflers are mandatory at MCR, Little Valley and Freedom. (Optional at AMR)

BRAKES: Stock as manufactured brakes ONLY ( 4 wheel brake)