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Note: The track reserves the right to change, amend or delete any rules that make further clarifications and/or corrections.

ACCEPTABLE VEHICLES - All North American mid and full size rear wheel drive cars. Excluded vehicles are compact cars, sports cars, mustangs, vans, sport utilities, station wagons, and rear engine cars. If there is any question as to whether a car is acceptable, the car builder should contact the track prior to buying or building the car. 106 wheel base min. REAR WHEEL DRIVE ONLY!!

CARBURETION - Electric fuel pump allowed only if it came stock. Cannot be mounted in driver’s area. Fuel pump must be connected to kill switch. Production fuel injected cars may be changed to carburetion. Stock factory carburetors only. No big block carburetors allowed. Carburetors will be checked for venture size. Two or Four barrel manifold (stock) no high performance. Can use 1/2 plate to mount 500CFM 2 barrel Holly or Rochester 4 barrel Carb.

BODY AND FRAME - Body must remain stock. Must have stock factory frame (or unibody) only. All glass and flammable materials such as interior door panels, dash components and seats must be removed. All chrome must be removed. The windshield MUST be replaced with a screen. Aluminum body and cockpitting allowed. All frames must be in good shape. All rust repairs must be done in an acceptable manner using 1/8 "or thicker plate steel and following original contour of the frame.

ROLLCAGE - A roll cage must be installed with at least 3 bars on the driver’s side and 2 bars on the right side. Outside skid rails allowed. A roll bar MUST be placed in the center of the windshield following its contour. All roll bar joints must be welded shut. Rear roll bar must form an X behind the driver’s seat. Roll bars may extend into the engine compartment and trunk. Roll bars must have a thickness of .095 inches. No exhaust tubing.

TIRES - 8" maximum tread, 15" NO bigger, NO winter tires, No softening. Any removal of identification markings on tires will make tires illegal.

WHEELS - No aluminum wheels. Wheels must be reinforced by, adding larger washers or oversized nuts if using stock wheels. Racing wheels allowed 8" max. 7" or 8" rims only. Racing wheels must have larger studs and 1" lug nuts. Larger studs and bolts are allowed and encouraged for all wheels for safety reasons. Bead locks allowed.

BRAKES - Brakes must be in perfect working condition. NO BRAKES IS NO EXCUSE FOR AN ACCIDENT. OEM brakes and brake systems on all four corners with no modifications to stock OEM brake system except that emergency brakes may be removed. Aftermarket brake pedals or master cylinders allowed.

FUEL CELL - Fuel cells are mandatory. If it leaks you will not be allowed to race, NO EXCEPTIONS!! Gasoline only! No other fuel may be used.

REAREND - Rear end must be locked, ford 9" rear with metric stock mount allowed.

ENGINE - Max 350 cid Chevy, 351cid Ford, 360 cid Mopar. Max overbore is .040. STOCK Crank and connecting rods only. Stock cast iron heads only, no angle plug heads for GM. Flat top or dished pistons only. No porting, polishing, gasket matching, machining, or milling of block or heads permitted. Max compression 175lbs, with full cranking battery, no plugs, and throttle fully open. Hydraulic cams only, 480 max lift. Engine must be same manufacturer as chassis/body. No 95 or newer vortec engines or heads. No performance heads. Double hump heads allowed. No roller cam, lifters or roller tip rockers. Stock rockers steel stamped only. Internal parts must remain stock, NO dome pistons. Stock ignition system only. Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds only. 2" OD pipe only exit behind driver, with two pipe hangers per pipe ( any exhaust pipe that falls off during a race will cause a one position lost to that car) ALL PARTS MUST HAVE FACTORY CAST NUMBERS!

TRANSMISSION - Transmission must be OEM automatic with stock torque converter or stock single disk clutch and flywheel on stock OEM standard transmission. All gears must work. Transmission may be auto or standard MUST BE STOCK!! Standard must have 1" hole in bottom of bell housing in line with clutch. Auto must have working torc convertor and all gears. Stock clutch and fly-wheel only.

WEIGHT- Car must weigh 3300 lbs. with driver in it, NO exceptions!!

SPRINGS AND SHOCKS - They may be cut. Racing shocks allowed. Springs and shocks must be stock appearing and in stock position.

STEERING AND SUSPENSION - Steering must remain stock. Quick release steering wheel and column allowed. Stock suspension must remain stock appearing and in stock position.
TIRE CAMBER RULE - Negative camber can be added to the right front wheel for safety purposes.

STOCK RULE - Other than the safety requirements or other modifications specifically listed above the car must remain completely stock. The frame, wheels, tires, engine, suspension, transmission and body must remain stock. EMPHASIS IS THIS CLASS ON STOCK!!! It is NOT intended for those that want to OUTSPEND the competition. Any removal of factory identification marks will make the part illegal.

SAFETY - Cars must meet all General Safety Specifications in addition to any safety requirements specific to Pure Stocks. No exceptions.