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1) American made 2 or 4 door passenger car or truck, front engine, front or rear wheel drive, without rack and pinion steering. No spoilers. Factory spec wheelbase. NOTE engine, frame & suspension must match, not the body. EXAMPLE can run ford body on GM frame. Aluminum body and roofs OK, with factory looking bends to look like a production car. Must have rear panel.

2) 82-92 CAMARO & FIREBIRDS & UNI-BODY ONLY. Full factory floor, trunk & body no stub-type chassis, front and rear frame tied to cage.

3) Roll Cage-Minimum 6 point- 1.5 minimum diameter min 3 drivers door bars mandatory 2 min pass side, recommend 3.

4) Brakes- 4 wheel brakes, steel calipers. Can run 4 wheel disc brakes. After market masters, peddles, proportionate valve.

5) Transmission- Factory OEM automatic or stick-stock torque converter. 10" min. No direct drive or hollowed out converters.

6) Rear-End- stock or Ford 9" frame mounting brackets, original bolt holes with stock trailing arms, can be reinforced. grand national allowed. Coil spring cars must run coil springs-leaf spring cars, leaf springs. Factory original mounts. No sliders 82-92 (3 link camaro / firebirds) stock rear ONLY. can run aftermarket brackets for disk brakes, steel calipers ONLY. Rear ends can be welded for posi, or spools, no adjustable or sliding mounts, must be same as stock production. Aftermarket welded control arms allowed

7) After market racing clutch allowed. No aluminum flywheels or pressure plates.

8) Exhaust- NO CROSSOVERS. (180s) Headers must stay inside the frame rails.

9) Fenders- Rolled in , not out, no sharp edges. Sharp edges must be fixed before allowed to race. Tire cutters must be fixed.

10) Springs, Shocks & Drive Shaft- Racing springs and steel shocks allowed( No Schrader Valve) stock location or moved outside mounts on the front (upper mounts can be raised for shocks). Jacking bolts, Spring spacers will be allowed. Rear shock mounts can be modified for higher mount on top only. Steel drive shafts only. Front shock upper mount can be RAISED (MAX 4") ~~Rear shock upper mount can be RAISED~~Heim Joint shocks allowed~~ No aluminum allowed to replace anything other than allowed in the rules.

11) Engine- stock OEM production iron small block #1 plug 12" from center bolt on steering box. Must be GM to GM, Ford to Ford, ext. to match frame. NOT THE BODY Any removal of part numbers will make said part non-applicable (DQ by tech). MAX 361 CUBIC CHEVY, 363 FORD, 365 CHRYSLER
Crate 602 engine rules. (Rush,Fastrac,Nesmith approved seals)
· All Engines and parts must be as from factory and all components thereof.
· Any changes will result in disqualification and no points awarded.
· This includes, but is not limited to, harmonic balancers, valve springs, push rods, rocker arms, and after market valve covers.
· ***NO upgrades are allowed to any engine that may produce power via “performance enhancing methods”.
· *Any 750 CFM Carb or smaller. Must have 1 11/16th base plate maximum. No exceptions.(measured with no go)
· *Billet base plates may be used (.780 maximum)
· 2 Inch carb spacer maximum (0 TOLERANCE)
· *Please take time to check your plate with a gauge, not a tape measure.
· Spacer may not protrude into carb or intake at any point. .
· One gasket per surface. .070 maximum.
· *No fuel injection, nitrous oxide or other type systems allowed.
· *Two throttle springs strongly recommended!!
· **Aerosol carbs are not legal
. 2750 weight at end of race DRIVER & CAR
604 Crate Motor Rules (Rush,Fastrac,Nesmith approved seals)
Sealed 604 motor with 100 lb. weight break (2800 lb.

12) Rods- Steel rods ONLY.

13) Cam- Hydraulic or solid, roller rocker tip rockers allowed. Can run stud girdle. No roller cams. Can run double roller timing chain.

14) Carburetor- Stock Rochester 2 barrel carb or unaltered Holley 4412 must be in stock location and position. Throttle bore size not to exceed 1- 3/8* max. Max 1 " carb spacer or adaptor, including gasket.

15) Fuel & Fuel Pump- Gasoline only, stock type fuel pump only (NO ELECTRIC).

16) Intake- Cast Iron 2 or 4 barrel - Marine intake allowed, must have Mercruiser logo or aluminum, part #edelbrock 2101 & 2116 with adapter plate, spacer, gasket, 1" max combined.

17) Ignition- Stock HEI distributor. Can run aftermarket internal coil and module. No spark boxes like msd ECT.

18) Heads- No angle plug. Must be factory stock OEM, or Stock Replacement. Maximum valve size 2.02 in 1.6 exh. Pinned or screw in studs are OK. Vortex 10239906 or 12558062.

19) Fuel Cell- Must have a protective hoop at the rear that extends at least 1 inch below the fuel cell. A ball check valve required.

20) Rims- 8" steel-any offset wheels may be reinforced. May run bead lock on Right rear only. No aluminum.

21) A Frames- lower stock, uppers tubular or stock, mounts in stock location, stock bolt pattern & spacing, stock may be reinforced.

22) Lug Nuts- Must run 1" lug nuts on right side. Lug nuts on all studs must be there.

23) Spoilers/Bumpers- no spoilers, Bumpers rounded ends only, no sharp edges. Fabricated bumbers behind the plastics. Front & rear nothing that can be hooked.

24) Tires- Allowed tires will be Cambridge Recap 225 or 235 / 70 X 15" or TOWEL CITY RETREAD 89 compound (yellow vertical marking) two sizes 26.5, 27.5 and DOT street tires, max 235 / 70 15 (NOT DOT RACING TIRES). If tire has DOT number, but has been capped or produced by a race tire company, they may not be permitted. 8 inch tire tread max, rolled on a flat surface ON THE CAR with a 8 inch rim at 20lbs air pressure, half inch tolerance. Can be placed on car in any combination, grooving will be allowed. Minimum durometor reading 5o after the race. No snow tires or heavy luggers. American Racer Hard 70/205/15 sw

25) Weight- must weigh 2900 lbs at start and end of feature.

26) Steering- Must be OEM. Quickners allowed. No Aluminum, other than quickner.

27) TOW HOOK-UP MANDATORY--FRONT AND REAR or we will push to the infield.